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Our Story

     Jack Anderson began his endeavor into the snow removal industry as a boy with his dad's tractor, plowing snow for small businesses in the metro east. This lasted for many winters until finally buying his first plow truck, and eventually creating a snow removal division of his construction company. One year, he, and many other contractors in the area were unable to find salt for their contracts, when an opportunity to purchase full train cars of salt arose. Desperate, Jack had no choice but to take the cars, and resell what he didn't use for his own contracts. 

After many years of joint endeavors, and outsourcing, Jack centralized all operations to East St. Louis, IL. This has since been the home office of Salt Industries.

Now family owned and operated, Salt Industries' B2B client base is quickly growing and has 

since become far more than just bulk and bagged rock salt. Now offering alternative deicing solutions, new and used salt spreaders, snow plows, parts, and much more, we at Salt Industries take pride in knowing that we are the ultimate one stop shop for everything snow and ice.


Our Mission

Salt Industries' mission is to make sure that every contractor in the mid-west is able to keep their clients safe when they are needed most.

Meet the Team

Salt Industries is proudly family owned and operated out of East Saint Louis Illinois and serving the Midwestern United States.

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